Sometimes, for your event, you need to really take your guests away. Like, back in time.

There's some events that just work better with a little throwback style. With Display Group's vast selection of era themed party decor, we can transport your guests to whatever decade you want. 

From the sneaky speakeasies of the 1930s to the neon glow of the 1990s, Display Group can help you pull together your decade party and create the perfect atmosphere. Our nostalgic decorations and backdrops can help set the tone of your party right as your guests pass through our vintage archways, whether you're trying to take them to the disco floor or a beautiful Art Deco ballroom. Once they arrive, our curated selection of vintage furniture rentals will add to your chosen decade theme, giving your guests a place to relax and enjoy their sudden trip to the past (because even time travelers need to sit down sometimes). 

Whatever decade you want to create for your event, Display Group has the decorations you need to throw your guests the perfect decade party. Mix and match themes to create a 'through the decades' party and celebrate history, or focus on a chosen era to really immerse your attendees. From trade show booths to corporate events to office afterparties, Display Group's selection of decade theme decorations is the next best thing to a time machine. Contact us today, or check out the rest of our event rentals for something a little more 'this year'.